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Rhys Lewis

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Rhys Lewis

10 Jan 2020 (20:00) at Róisín Dubh

€14 (€12 members)

Rhys has released his EP “In Between Minds” in April this year. He touches on the multitude of anxieties that plague this generation – whether it be the difficultly in maintaining relationships, or the wider theme of politics.

“We’re living in a weird time where we’re all anxious. Everyone has their own thought and fears, but it’s probably the same thing unifying them,” he explains, “and even though that divides us it should unite us and bring us together.

Crafting his songs with a maturity that belies his years, telling vivid stories through his poignant lyrics, and willingness to bare all, Rhys has consistently showcased his talent for songwriting. However, ‘In Between Minds’ marks a creative turning point; As a producer. For the first time across a body of work, Rhys has been able to stamp his mark sonically, producing himself across the EP, alongside collaborators Aidan Glover, Brian Brundage and Richard Wilkinson.

Rhys’s music continues to reach an ever-growing global fanbase, performing on the British Music Embassy stage at SXSW Festival 2018 and has enjoyed critical acclaim from press. His heart-breaking ballad ‘No Right To Love You’ was released last May and has quietly grown ever since, to help his catalogue boast over 126 million streams. 2019 shows no signs of slowing down for rising star Rhys Lewis.


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