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Stefan Murphy & The Athletes Of Soul

Stefan Murphy & The Athletes Of Soul, Soft On Crime, Slyrydes image

Stefan Murphy & The Athletes Of Soul, Soft On Crime, Slyrydes

22 May 2019 (20:00) at Róisín Dubh

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Its tough enough at the best of times for an artist to book their own tours but Its been a particularly unusual process trying to book tours on the basis of no music. Explaining to promotors in different parts of Europe in words what I sound like [especially promoters who don’t have a clue who i am….ie: 99.9% of promotors] has been something of a challenge. A brief historical biog and some TMS / Count songs have been helpful but starting today i think it might be a decent idea to start firing a few songs out into the stratosphere. Ive been working a lot harder than i have in years in writing and demoing material for what will eventually be a new album. i play guitar every single day, i probably haven’t done that since i was in my late teens. Its great therapy and I’m actually getting better at it. Anyway, I’ve built up, at this point, an anthology’s worth of recordings to pick a starting eleven from when i go into the studio to make a record. I’m going to share some of these songs on social media so that anyone who is interested can have a listen.

‘Dexys Midnight Motherfucker’ is a DIY Garage / Soul floor shaker clocking in at 160bpm. Instrumentation is Guitar / Bass / Floor Tom / Snare / Sleigh Bells / Tambourine / Organ / Vocals and It also features i stolen clip of Dexys founder Kevin Rowland talking to Mark Kermode the styling of his band. Dexys Midnight Runners scored two number one hits in the early 80s with Geno and then the wildly different Come On Eileen. They as well as The Specials and Human League are some of my earliest childhood memories of music and Ive always followed and loved these three groups [and a few others its fair to say] ever since. Dexys inspire me as an artist because of their passion, their aesthetic and the singularity of Rowlands vision of making something beautiful and pure, a vision that transcended whatever music or style was popular at the time. When I got married to Leyla we entered the wedding venue to the sound of ‘Geno’ with people stomping and clapping and standing on tables and chairs. A sight and sound and feeling i’ll never forget. I remember having a pint with my good friends Robbie and Kelley when breaking the news to them that i was going to be a Da - We joked that evening in Anseo that the child should be called ‘Dexys Midnight Murphy’ regardless of gender. Both of these stories are what inspired the song and are echoed in the lyrics. It also contains commentary on gender equality, a testimony to my love of Dexys and frequent use of the word Motherfucker. Notably im also pushing myself to sing in a register that it a bit outside my range which gives the pretty powerful vocal approach some fragility. Personally I love this recording, its very energetic.

I played this song for the first time ever just one year and one day ago at the Mercury Lounge in NYC with the first meeting of ‘The Athletes Of Soul’ which is the name I’ve chosen to reboot and give to my revolving cast of bandmates and accomplices. On that particular night [while i was still trading as Count Vaseline] a would be group [Tim, Cait, Alan, Mikey] of NY based musicians came together and learned my songs while i was still on the torturous drive from Atlanta. By the time i got there we were basically ready to just walk onstage and play…These 4 individuals transformed what could have been a disastrous situation [due to my lateness / auto trouble] into one of the most enjoyable gigs I’ve ever played. If that isn’t Athleticism then i don’t know what is.

Anyway. I hope reading about its origins won’t make you enjoy the song any less. I recorded it in my garage studio set up. I put a lot of love into it. And When i was playing back on big speakers yesterday it made me want to dance like Keith Flint.

More New Sounds Fairly Soon x


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