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Mik Pyro

17 May 2019 (20:00) at Róisín Dubh

€16 (€14 members)

Mik Pyro was songwriter, producer and lead singer of one of Ireland’s most innovative, influential and hit making groups Republic of Loose, turning out four top ten albums with hits like ‘The Steady Song’, ‘You Know It’, ‘I Like Music’ and ‘Comeback Girl’.

Throughout their ten year career they infested the radio airwaves, went double platinum, and sold out venues in Ireland, the UK and USA. The Loose live were an infamously incendiary experience, with every gig uncoiling into a funk-laced maelstrom of spiritual and carnal rapture. Swathes of legends such as Bono, Sinead O'Connor, Snow Patrol and Shane MacGowan were counted among fans and their music was the soundtrack to the debauchery and wildness of boom-era Ireland.

The demise of the band coincided with a difficult personal time for Mik. Having been sober for 5 years Mik veered intermittently back into his addictions while watching his parents die.

At times dissipation and depression threatened to swallow Mik up into the kind of horror some never return from but for Mik, music and the need to create remained a source of light and hope. After his parents deaths Mik slowly became ready to emerge from his cocoon of entropy. Invigorated by the process of being a solo artist, Mik completely immersed himself in new recording sessions.

Due out in 2019, Miks debut solo album is less a comeback than a rebirth. With members of Republic Of Loose guesting on various tracks, there are also vocal contributions from Gavin Friday and others. Having peered into the pit of despair, the joy of this music is leading Mik and his followers all the way back to the funk.

With the debut lead single 'Very Strange' released in 2018 and lighting up the airwaves Mik Pyro is back to what he does best, blowing audiences away with his incredible live shows. Roisin Dubh on May 17th marks Mik's first headline show outside Dublin and will no doubt blow the roof off the place.

Miss him at your peril.


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