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John Spillane

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John Spillane

11 Nov 2018 (20:00) at Róisín Dubh

€16 (€14 members)
Includes free admission to John Conneely Inc.

“This is a collection of newly composed Irish melodies, songs of love and family, songs that have come floating down to me through the air. This is gonna be a proper album - no mad stuff!

There are no Madwomen, no Whales, no Beamish Stout, no Talkie numbers, no Sarcasm, no Mad Cork Stuff on this album. This is an album of beautiful songs, love songs especially.

I am very proud of the result, and this is what I am calling my 'Beautiful Album'

These songs feel more vulnerable, more sensitive, and more personal than a lot of my stuff, so I've been a bit shy about working them into the live shows, like, but I am getting there, like.”

Twice winner of the meteor award in the best folk/trad category, John Spillane has toured the country and the world spreading joy with a mix of melodic tunes, entertaining stories and poetic lyrics. Described as ‘one of the truest Irish voices of his generation’ by Irish music magazine, Spillane truly embodies the Celtic spirit.

Spillane is also a dedicated & fierce champion of the Irish language as demonstrated by his double platinum selling Irish Songs We Learned At School in 2008 followed in 2009 by the logically titled More Songs We Learned At School featuring such music luminaries as Christy Moor and Séan Ó Sé.

What makes John special is that he is an artist who knows how to deliver all that he has to offer to anyone of any age, male or female, no matter the musical preference. Place him in the genre of folk, acoustic, traditional, world or pop – that’s fine with John. He’s a man who is very comfortable in his skin. Whether performing solo with guitar, with gentle accompaniment or with full band before 10, 10,000 or 100,000, John entertains, charms, and mesmerizes.

John is a native of Cork, the County he lovingly describes as “the centre of the universe”, and it has been a huge creative influence on him. Vocally, he is quite unique with an almost sean nós-like element in his singing and he is said to have a voice “full of honesty, commitment and sensitivity”.

The only thing that’s for sure is that whether from the emotive tunes with which he whisks you on a journey or his dynamic playful Cork wit, at the end of a John Spillane show there won’t be a dry eye in the house…