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Dott & Field Trip & Shrug Life & Junk Drawer

Dott & Field Trip & Shrug Life & Junk Drawer image

Dott & Field Trip & Shrug Life & Junk Drawer

13 Jul 2018 (20:00)

€7 (€7 members)
A Litany Of Failures Vinyl Launch Night. Upstairs

Two of Galway's finest indie-pop bands, Dott and Field Trip join Dublin trio Shrug Life and Belfast grunge quartet Junk Drawer in celebrating the launch of a new double-vinyl compilation 'A Litany Of Failures: Volume II'. The compilation features 18 new songs from 18 independent Irish bands, providing an exciting document of the country's DIY guitar bands.

Dott are a well-established Galway quartet that play shiny, harmony-driven guitar pop. Their music drips with luscious harmonies, fuzzy guitars and addictive feel-good pop melodies. This summer they released their excellent sophomore LP 'Heart Swell', which has been hailed for its "political intensity and infectiously catchy pop tracks".

Field Trip are four Galwegian ruffians, birthed from a milky cauldron of woozy vocals and toe-tapping garage pop melodies. Their debut EP 'Evening's Over' was released last year via Citog records, brimming with effortless hooks and sharp-witted lyrics lamenting their small-town ennui.

Dublin trio Shrug Life started as the product of rubbish jobs, failed romance and political apathy. Their debut album ¯\_(?)_/¯ was described by The Thin Air as "impossibly infectious and improbably good", while The Irish Times reluctantly admitted it "just about lands on the right side of nudge-nudge-wink-wink cleverness" .

Junk Drawer formed in a Belfast bedroom by rural Mid-Ulster's Brian Coney and brothers Stevie & Jake Lennox. Junk Drawer's idiosyncratic indie rock mines anthems from their crate-digging tendencies, driven by the near-telepathic sense of harmony and discordance that comes from a sibling creative rivalry at the helm, as well as the overbearing self-awareness and obsession with