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Trop Out

28 Apr 2018 (21:00)


Trop Out were a Vietnam War-era band who spent their nights entertaining troops on shore leave in the tiki bars of Honolulu. Tragically, they all drowned in 1971 in a surfing wipeout after a few too many bong rips and Fritos. As fate would have it, each band member was reincarnated into different dudes throughout the 70s and 80s and eventually found their way to London to reform the original group.

Or at least that’s how it went down in an epic, three-part dream lead singer and guitarist Timbo Traynor had one night back in 2009. Flashing forward to modern-day reality, Trop Out is a Coastal Rock outfit with personnel hailing from the shores of the Pacific Ocean, Lake Michigan, the Irish Sea and the River Nidd. Writing songs where the tide pools of calypso and classic rock make tropical contact, their music would be as fitting a soundtrack for a Key West houseboat BBQ as it would backing a Chuck Norris bar fight in a Cancún cantina.

Caribbean Living magazine wrote: “Trop Out are the Mai Tai version of a Molotov cocktail” and indeed the band have been known to inflict massive casualties of partying. National Geographic says, “They’re the band your dad would be in if he smoked more reefer and downed two margaritas with breakfast.” Currently hard at work on their debut album entitled Intentional Castaway, the group are taking smoke breaks to perform in villages around Europe in order to keep the studio recordings sounding "live". It’s always hurricane season on Trop Out’s calendar, so grab your board and get in the pipeline!


18 Aug / Doors: 15:00

Pride at Club Gass



19 Aug / Doors: 21:00

Open Mic Night



19 Aug / Doors: 23:30

John Conneely Inc.



23 Aug / Doors: 20:00



Tix More

23 Aug / Doors: 21:00

Dott (Album Launch)



Late Night
This Week

Doors: 21 Aug / 23:00

Silent Disco On Tuesdays!!

More €5.00

Doors: 22 Aug / 23:00

Ultra Violet (UV Party with Seshion 1)

More €5.00

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