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Rosie Carney

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Rosie Carney, Henry Jamison

15 Oct 2017 (20:00)

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20 year-old Donegal based singer/songwriter ROSIE CARNEY was born in Hampshire, UK in 1997 before moving to Ireland when she was 10 in 2007. Instantly inspired by the vast, rugged, picturesque landscapes of her hometown, Downings, Rosie started to play music. Rosie signed a major recording contract with Universal Polydor when she was just 16 where she made contact and co-wrote with people such as Brendan Benson (The Raconteurs), Angelo Petragalia (founder and producer of Kings Of Leon), Ian Archer, Crispin Hunt, Eg White, Charlie Fink (Noah and The Whale), Turin Brakes, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, to name but a few. In January 2015, due to unforeseen circumstances, Rosie was released (freed) from her contract with Polydor. Although seen as the recipe for disaster, Rosie didn’t stop making and playing music. Things soon took a turn when, in early December, Rosie was invited to Austin, TX by SXSW to showcase her music. After making it onto NPR’s top 100 song list, she made contact with Stevie McMin, founder and head man of independent and home to Phoria label, X Novo Records.

After opening up and sharing her story of her daily battle with mental health, Rosie has become passionate about speaking out and wishes to help impact and break the stigma attached in the industry with her music. “I couldn't believe the response I revived after opening up about something I was once so ashamed of. It broke my heart to see the amount of messages from people who had never spoken up before. I feel it is my duty to the people to help empower and encourage a change in perspective. Especially in such a cut-throat industry. I feel it is time we took our complete selves seriously, no matter the case.



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