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Bríd Kenny

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Bríd Kenny, Fish In A Birdcage, Cathy Shannon

7 May 2020 (20:30) at Róisín Dubh (Upstairs)

€5 (€5 members)

Indie Folk Singer - Songwriter Bríd Kenny releases her debut 3 song EP in the magnificent Róisín Dubh on Saturday the 14th of March.

Support on the night is from the talented cellist Fish In A Bird Cage & the amazing, sweet sounding Cathy Shannon Singer-Songwriter

5 euro admission
Doors at 8.30 - music from 9pm sharp

Running order
9.00 - 9.20 - Cathy Shannon Singer-Songwriter
9.30 - 9.50 - Fish In A Birdcage
10.00 - Bríd Kenny


The 3 song EP was recorded at the Black Gate Studio - Galway and will be available online from the 14th of March onwards on all major online streaming platforms.


Bríd Kenny

Brid is a firm beliver that cynicism does in fact not grows on trees, despite popular belief.

Every couple of weeks a sort of soft dark sound emits from her in the form of indie folk music - more as a necessary
compulsion than anything else.

Writing original music for the last 9 years she is continually working on developing her style as a combination of bittersweet love songs and authentic ballads dealing with existential dread.

She takes a lot of her influence from Irish artists such as Damien Rice, Glen Hansard and The Cranberries, while also being inspired by names such as Daughter, Bob Dylan and Florence and the Machine.


Cathy Shannon Singer-Songwriter

Cathy Shannon is a Saudi Arabian born, half Irish and half Indonesian singer-songwriter based in Galway.

‘Folk with tears and giggles’ is the best way to describe her unique storytelling style of music, ranging from funny stories to the ones that stir the soul. Some songs are based on real events and some are just bizarrely made up to tickle the mind.

Having performed her music across Europe, Japan and New York, her dream is to share her music and stories all over the world.


Fish In A Birdcage

Dusty is inspired and progresses through playing as much as possible, from basements and rooftops, to the streets of Victoria BC. With a bow in his right hand and an ebony fretboard clutched in his left, Dusty has adventured far to bring his message of love to a wide audience. Hauling a guitar, cello, banjo, accordion, washboard, belt of harmonicas, and a shoebourine almost everywhere he goes hasn't been easy, yet has been crucial to developing his repertoire.

He explains, "Climbing roofs and writing music has been a big part of being a musician, being arrested a couple of times from climbing rooftops, playing for the waterfowl down at a place called bower ponds, and playing music at night while everyone is asleep. There's one song that I wrote called the rooftop jam, and the lyrics in that song are the reason why I play music, it goes

'if we can change a life, or open someone's eyes,

if we can save a life I will feel complete"

Dusty has played with countless amazing musicicans, has toured across canada, from the west coast out to Montreal, and is planning to push his release to new fans around the world.


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