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BREATHE The Pink Floyd Experience - Rescheduled

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BREATHE The Pink Floyd Experience
We are sorry to inform you that this gig is postponed until SAT 10th June
Also please note - new venue: Black Box Theatre
All tickets are valid for rescheduled date / full refunds available from point of purchase.

For online refunds please email with the subject "Breathe refunds" and include your confirmation number in the email.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


5 Mar / Doors: 23:30

John Conneely Inc.



6 Mar / Doors: 20:00




7 Mar / Doors: 21:00

Roisin Dubh comedy showcase



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Doors: 02 Mar / 23:00

Strange Brew

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Doors: 03 Mar / 23:30

TGISimon / DJ Joe

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Idioteque / Mitch Presents

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