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Citóg, The Felonies

23 Aug 2017 (21:00)


Citóg is an old Irish term denoting a left-handed person. Sinistrality being considered a sign of the devil, the term Citóg was often ascribed in a derogatory manner to those considered 'a bit special'.

Citóg is also a weekly celebration of music we consider to be a bit special. In a good way.

It takes place on the first three Wednesdays of every month downstairs in the Róisín Dubh. Each week we have three original acts and admission is free.


Late Night

Doors: 23:00

Silent Disco On Tuesdays!!

More €5.00


27 Jan / Doors: 20:00

Hayseed Dixie

€22,50 (€20 m)

Tix More

28 Jan / Doors: 20:00

Sound Of The Sirens


Tix More

28 Jan / Doors: 20:30

Open Mic Night



28 Jan / Doors: 23:30

John Conneely Inc.



Late Night
This Week

Doors: 24 Jan / 23:00

Ultra Violet (UV Party with SWIM)

More €5.00

Doors: 25 Jan / 23:30

Strange Brew

More Free

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