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Little Hours

31 Mar 2017 (20:00)

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Introducing Little Hours
Debut Single ‘Water’ Out Now, Impacts February 17th
From a remote fishing port in the north west of Ireland comes the wildly talented musical duo Little Hours. 26 year old vocalist / guitarist Ryan McCloskey and 22 year old vocalist / keyboardist John Doherty release their powerful debut single ‘ Water’ , impacting February 17th, on RCA Records now.

Written in their home studio on the isolated clifftops of Killybegs, County Donegal, ‘ Water’ encapsulates the purity and clarity of their body of work. The seclusion of their set up is seen in the pared back precision of their song-writing, weaving gorgeous melodies with evocative lyrics.

“People in cities and large urban areas are influenced by many differentthings, so many diverse genres of music, whereas because we’ re quite isolated we just write whatever we hear in our heads,” says Ryan. “We are, in effect, not contaminated by influences; our music is quite pure.”

The band’ s creative vision extends beyond their song-writing. Keyboardist John is a painter, and produces original artworks to accompany each of the tracks the duo record. The powerful forthcoming video for ‘ Water’ was also their own conception. These threads of artistry all combine to build a uniquely homegrown approach to their craft.

“We take it for granted where we’ re from, of course,” adds John, “but we’ re also definitely influenced by where we’ re from. There is nowhere like it in the world.”

Taking years to hone their craft, Little Hours’ time is now.


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