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The Redneck Manifesto

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The Redneck Manifesto

17 Feb 2017 (20:00)

€18 (€16 members)
Strange Brew presents.

Having have been at the forefront of the independent music scene in Ireland for over 10 years - aided by word of mouth, staunchly supportive fans and impassioned live shows - TRM have already released four modern Irish classic records in the shape of Thirty Six Strings (2001), Cut Your Heart Off From Your Head (2002), I Am Brazil (2004) and their latest full-length Friendship (2010) – a 10-track album that the band themselves compare to “a psychedelic kraut-rock band jamming with The Meters”. It might hav been four years since their last recorded output, the Seven Stabs EP but the quintet of Mervyn Craig, Matthew Bolger, Niall Byrne, Richard Egan and Neil O'Connor had been busy on their own solo projects in the interim. Richard Egan is now well-known for his electro-influenced transcendent pop side-project Jape having released previously three albums culminating in 2008's Choice Music Prize winning album Ritual. Matt Bolger is part of the design duo M&E who are gaining plaudits across the design community and makes synth-laden music under the name Son Green. Neil O' Connor is also known as experimental ambient composer Somadrone while Niall performs as VisionAir and Mervyn creates his own music under the name Cochon and On. Friendship June 2009 saw the band members re-convened from their homes across the world in Ireland, San Francisco and Sweden to Black Box Studios in France to record with Dave Odlum, the same studio they had recorded I Am Brazil with Odlum six years earlier. The album's title was no doubt inspired by their time together in the comfortable environs of a cottage in the French countryside where the band clocked in 17 hour recording days, talked about music, drank and cooked together. Black Box Studios afforded the band the time to experiment with the sounds of their instruments and to bring in the knowledge they had individually gained producing their own side-projects alongside Odlum. “I think that between all of us we have a very diverse taste in music which has grown broader over the years to encompass a lot of new ideas and sounds,” says Mervyn. “These individual influences are combined when we write and record together over time to produce the final melting pot of ideas.” The band used the analogue and digital equipment in the Black Box studio on the new record, pushing themselves in new creative ways. “The sound of the record comes a lot from the result of processing modern instruments, like an andromeda synth, through old vintage effects boxes, filters and speakers, like a Leslie cabinet,“ explains Matt. Both Mervyn and Neil agree that Friendship is more sonically adventurous than previous recordings .“It still sounds like TRM but we've never sounded as good on record before,” adds Matt. Judging by the opening track the multi-faceted 'Black Apple' with its bass-heavy, cascading riff opening, leading into the heavier fuzz guitar, propulsive drumming and synth-laden second half, this is The Redneck Manifesto at their most creative. Since Friendship's release they have toured in both their homeland and throughout Europe, and this November will see them fulfill one of their biggest goals, to tour Japan. 2012 will see them return to the studio to record the follow up to Friendship.


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